Anti-Frost Machine

What's Anti-Frost Machine?

For Agricultural Frost Protection

Economic, Practical and Effective Solution

The mist generated from Anti-Frost machineunder high pressures (80-100 Bar) maintains the ambient temperature.

In the first stage the mist generated prevents the heat loss from soil to the air.

In the second stage; water mist sprayed at 10-15°C heats the environmentby loosing heat while cooling down (10-15kcal/lt).

In the final stage; the amount of heatreleased to the environment increases 6-7 fold (80kcal/lt) during phase change by these droplets.

This natural effect avoids product lossby preventing the frost that occurs while the fruit trees are blooming.

Anti-frost machine runs with the motion (power) from the tractor's hydraulic system. While it can be used as installed easily on the standard spraying machine, it is also available as a complete machine.

On big lands, it can also be special design on a project basis as fixed and automated systems.

Anti-frost is an environment friendly system. It uses natural resources efficiently (small amount of water and fuel) and water mist maintains ambient temperature without damaging products and environment.

Do not loose one year labor in one night.

No more product loss.

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